The Astroblast Movie is a 2014 American animated film, based on the Astroblast TV series. The movie introduces Halley's baby brother, Radar (who was named after Olivia's cousin). From onwards, Radar appears as a regular character.

Characters Present Edit

  • Halley Vivian
  • Jet Mender
  • Sputnik Vivian
  • Comet Grinner
  • Venus Grinner
  • Radar Vivian (debut)
  • Matthew
  • Olivia
  • Ben
  • Matt
  • Lillian
  • Miriam Pickles
  • Bruce
  • Robert
  • Luke
  • Caroline
  • Lisa
  • Frogerina Jones
  • Boris
  • Claire Kropotkin
  • Dr. Lipschitz
  • Banana Brothers
  • Rex Pester
  • Ranger Dave
  • Ranger Kathy
  • Klavin
  • Television Announcer
  • Air Crewman
  • United Express Driver
  • Nurse
  • Babies
  • Goat
  • Monkeys
  • Scrappy Wolf

Plot Edit

The movie starts off with a parody of the 1981 fantasy adventure film Raiders of the Lost Ark, titled Okey Dokey Jones. The babies attempt to reach a bowl of bananas and ice cream but can't reach, and are eventually chased out of the temple by a boulder, which turns out to be a pregnant Olivia, causing the babies to run away, and run straight into the sliding door window. Olivia is at her baby shower at her home, where she is pregnant with her and Matthew's second child, which everyone believes will be a female. Matthew is in the basement, building a Reptar-related toy - the Reptar Wagon, for a contest held by the Reptar Corporation to win 500 dollars. Matthew believes it is the perfect children's toy, and that it will make his toy company famous. Back in Halley's room, Halley is at first enthusiastic about having a younger sister, although Sputnik warns him that once the sibling is born, Matthew and Olivia will forget Halley explains that he will not be forgotten, Sputnik hears Frogerina sing about how good a baby is, Sputnik, annoyed at this, decides to interrupt and join in, but only to sing mean and selfish things about them. Sputnik yells loudly at the end, causing Olivia to exclaim that the baby is on its way. Everyone rushes out and goes to Dr. Lipschitz's Maternity Arts hospital. Halley and the rest of the gang think that his baby sister is lost, so they decided to go out and buy a new one, and go on a search to find another baby. They end up in a room with many newly born babies, who break out into song about the new world they're in. Eventually, Ben and Boris find the babies, and take them to the hospital room. At the hospital room, the baby is delivered by Lucy Jones, and to their surprise, it turns out to be a male, who they name Radar Prescott Vivian. Halley and the others arrive, and Olivia presents him to Radar, at first, it appears they take a liking to each other, until Radar grabs and swings Halley nose around. This causes Halley to start theme crying, which in turn sets Radar off.

Four weeks later, Radar is still crying, having barely stopped since being brought home. The babies are all tired of the constant noise by now, noting that Halley's house is suddenly a lot less fun since Radar arrived. Venus thinks Radar is broken, but Halley disagrees, and thinks Radar is just a little loud. Sputnik, annoyed at all the noise Radar is making, sees a commercial on the TV for the Banana Brothers Monkey Circus. Wanting to go, Sputnik clamors to Ben if she can go to the circus, to which he states that he thinks the house is already one.

Cut scene (only seen in television airings): At four o'clock in the morning Olivia and Matthew are still trying to get Radar to stop crying, they look through the Dr. Lipschitz parenting book, but fall asleep while doing so. When they fall asleep, Dr. Lipschitz rises from behind, and sings about the difficulties of raising a baby, Halley is theme crying and Radar and that they are both doing it incorrectly. Matthew and Olivia wake up and realise it was a dream. They both look at each other, while Radar continues to usual cry.

The Banana Brothers Monkey Circus train arrives at a station, Serge and Igor stop to have some coffee, but bicker about who should stay and watch the monkeys. They both decide to go in and have coffee, and while arguing about which place has better coffee, the unattended monkeys escape and make their way to the engine at the front of the train, where they take off with it. Serge and Igor, both shocked, rush out to try and stop it, but are too late, and watch as the train disappears in the distance. The monkeys wreak havoc in the engine room, and make the engine travel at full speed around a slow curve area, causing it to derail and tumble down into the forest. Back at the Vivian's' home, Olivia is reading a bedtime story for Halley about a wizard which grants a wish, until Matthew comes in with Radar, wanting her help. Both of them sing Radar a Lullaby, while Halley tries to get their attention, but to no avail. Radar eventually falls asleep, and a sad Halley tucks herself in, thinking that her parents have forgotten her.

The next morning, the gang see that Radar is not very nice, as he has claimed items such as Halley's blanket for his own, and hits both Halley and Jet on the head. Venus tells Halley that she isn't using the right method for getting things from a brother, and demonstrates on Comet that the item in question has to be snatched. Halley tries to take a teddy bear from Radar this way, and the two of them fight over it. Meanwhile, Matthew and Ben carry the completed Reptar Wagon up from the basement to the front door, ready for pick up. Later on, Matt drops Sputnik off at Matthew and Olivia's house, as he has to work overtime, but Matthew gets angry with him about a comment he made. After walking off, Matthew sees Halley and Radar, who are still fighting over the bear, and tries to stop them. At first, he decides to let Halley have a turn with it, but changes his mind when Radar starts to cry after it is taken out of his hands, causing Halley to start crying of Cadenza instead. Matthew decides to take Halley down into the basement as he has something to show her. He gives Halley a musical pocket watch that has a picture of Halley and Radar inside, which he claims now gives Halley responsibility. He talks to her about being a big sister, and the responsibility he now has. He finishes by assuring that one day, Halley will be happy to have Radar as her little brother.

Back upstairs, Jet, Comet, and Venus see the Reptar Wagon, and are amazed by it. They decide to take Radar back to the hospital using it, to get Halley's money back (as Halley believes that by giving Lucy a chocolate coin from the baby shower, they had bought Radar) and think that Halley will be happy again. Suddenly, Halley comes in after learning from Matthew's advice while returning from the basement, and asks what they are doing with Radar, to which Venus explains to Halley that they are taking him back to the hospital to get her money back, but Halley tells them that her parents want to keep him, however, this causes Comet to start arguing with Halley. Due to the noise, Sputnik comes out telling them to stop it, as she is trying to watch TV, but when Radar sees Cynthia, he takes her away from Sputnik, prompting her to try and snatch it back, only to fall into the crate. Furious, Sputnik tries to go back at Radar, but is stopped by Halley, who tells Sputnik that Radar didn't mean it. Sputnik, ignoring what Halley said, throws her into the wagon, kicks it, which sends it rolling out the door, and rushes back to the TV as her show, Shirley-Lock Holmes, has come back on, but due to this, she forgets about Cynthia. The delivery truck arrives, and Ben, who is half-asleep, simply tells the man to take it away, but doesn't tell him what item exactly, which causes the goat to be taken instead. As Bruce barks as the delivery truck drives off, Sputnik tells him to be quiet, as she and Cynthia are watching TV, only to realise Cynthia is missing. She dresses up in a Shirley-Lock Holmes outfit, and takes Bruce to go and find them. The kids end up on a wild ride in the Reptar Wagon as it travels through the streets, down stairs, through a playground, onto a construction site, into a mattress factory, and finally ending up in the back of a mattress truck. Meanwhile, at the house, Matthew and Ben realize the kids are gone, and rush out to go and find them.

Matthew, along with a sleeping Ben, rush to go and find the kids using the car as Matthew berates Ben for not watching the kids, but due to his impatience, he cuts off the mattress truck that the kids are in, causing it to drive off the side of the road, and roll down into the woods. Matthew and Ben then go to the airport, and check to see if they are on the plane where the crate is, but find out the goat is there instead. They both rush back home, and check around the house to see if they are there, until Olivia arrives back home from grocery shopping, where Ben blames Matthew for losing the kids, making Olivia so shocked she drops everything. The kids are seen outside of the crashed truck, along with the Reptar Wagon as they find themselves lost in the woods, but before they can find their way out, they have to change Radar's diaper. The parents call the police and rangers for help, which attracts huge media attention. Back in the woods, the gang tries to change Radar's diaper, but when Jet falls back because of Radar, a frog jumps on his head, which makes him even more annoyed with him. Halley manages to change Radar's diaper, and decides to use her responsibility (the pocket watch) to help guide them out. They put Radar in the Reptar Wagon and head off. Meanwhile, Sputnik is still looking for the babies, and manages to locate the area where the truck drove off, however, Bruce does not slow down, and the road is also sloped, so she and Bruce are launched off the edge of the road, and smack into some branches, with Sputnik also hitting her back into a tree, knocking her out for a short time. When she wakes up, she sees Bruce, and tells him that not all dogs go to heaven.

Matthew, Olivia, and the others walk out of the Vivian's home, only to be mobbed by news reporters, until a helicopter suddenly flies in. Rex Pester, another news reporter, jumps out and starts asking Olivia questions. Caroline gets annoyed with his attitude towards the situation, and tries to attack him, only to be held back by Matthew and Ben. A few moments later, Lillian and Matt arrive, wondering what's going on. Rex runs up to Matt and tells him his brother has lost his daughter. Matt, furious, tackles Matthew and tries to break his arm. Rex wraps up his report by giving the names of each missing child, but mispronounces them all. Just after he finishes, Luke lets everyone know that Sputnik and Bruce have been seen, and they all hurry to the location, while Ben comes out wearing his uniform and joins them.

The babies continue to pull the Reptar Wagon up a hill, and are still complaining about Radar. They reach a steep drop, and are clueless as to what they should do next. The adults are seen at the area where the mattress truck drove off the road, while a detective questions if the binky found on the road is theirs. Jet is seen crying as he is not sure what to do, but Comet blames it on Radar, and Venus joins in causing Halley to get annoyed and yell at her. Halley tells her that Radar is just a baby, but when she does, Radar pulls one of Halley's diaper straps off, causing it to fall down. Halley tries to take it positively, saying it's good to be naked as it's hot in the woods. Comet and Venus continue to argue with Halley, but Jet notices a house in the distance, and Halley thinks that a wizard might live there, meaning that they will be able to go home if they wish for it. Halley runs back to the Reptar Wagon but trips over a large footprint, Comet notices that it is from a wolf, to which Halley disagrees, saying that they would hear a howl, but as Halley imitates a howl, a real one is heard. The babies panic, jump into the Reptar Wagon, and ride off the steep decline, but as they roll down the hill, Radar keeps turning the steering wheel. Fred and Moppie are seen patrolling the forest, as Fred tells her about the dangers of the forest, suddenly, the Reptar Wagon jumps past them from behind, which makes Moppie excited to think there are dragons too. The babies continue to roll down the hill, but can't find a way to stop the wagon. Halley presses everything, until she pulls a lever down which makes the wagon stop right on the edge of a cliff with a water below. Radar releases the brake, and they fall into the water. The Reptar Wagon changes into Aqua Reptar, giving it a float and a propeller, and they float down the water.

At the ranger house, Moppie is excited to tell headquarters about the dragon, but Fred emphasizes the courage needed to work in the forest, he looks through a telescope and also sees the Reptar Wagon, causing him to jump back in panic and scream that he saw the dragon, which gets Moppie more excited. Back at the mattress truck crash scene, Ben finds a wrapper for a Cynthia bar, and assumes Sputnik is looking for the babies. Luke and Bob come running out from the woods to tell everyone that they found wheel tracks and footprints, with Matthew coming to a conclusion that they must be in the Reptar Wagon. Matt scolds Matthew about how stupid his inventions are, but this only gives Matthew an idea. Caroline sorts everything out by ordering everyone about what they should do, while Matthew, Ben, and Luke get in the car and drive off. In the river, the babies start to sing a sea chantey, but hit a rock shortly after, causing both Radar and Jet to fall to the side. Halley decides to save Radar while Jet goes overboard and falls into the river, but realizes it's not very deep, as he is standing up, he pulls out a fish that got into his shorts. Comeg launches a life ring, which lands perfectly over Jet, but Venus pushes a button that causes the wagon to speed up, taking Jet on a ride, until he hits the water and falls out of the life ring. Comet and Venus pull it back to the wagon, and Jet is seen holding onto it. When Jet is back on board, he questions why Halley didn't help him, but once again, Halley says that Dil is just a baby. Suddenly, Comet and Venux notice they are heading towards a waterfall, causing all of the babies to panic, they try to turn the wagon around, and manage to do so, but Radar pulls a lever that raises the propeller, Halley quickly pushes it back, and they manage to escape, but spin out and crash into a tree trunk on the land, sending all of them flying. Halley lands on a bush, which makes her pocket watch fall out, it starts to roll down to the river, and she jumps and grabs it just before it falls in. Back at the Vivian's house, Matthew, Ben and Luke are attempting to get down Dactar - Matthew's flying invention. However, it's too heavy, and the pulley breaks the roof, causing it to fall and nearly land on Ben, who is then seen sleeping under it.

The babies pull the Reptar Wagon up from the shore, and try to figure out where the wizard is. Once again, Halley uses her pocket watch for directions, but ends up circling a tree for a while. Jet thinks there might be other babies around, while Comet and Venus vociferate at Halley, criticizing her pocket watch; claiming it's broken, just like Radar. Halley starts to argue back, which begins to give Jet a headache. While Jet distances himself away from the yelling, he spots a clown, and yells out. Halley, Comet and Venus come over, and realise it's a train. Suddenly, the carriage door opens, and a mysterious figure pops out. The figure is revealed to be the circus monkeys, who then jump out and break into song, dancing and playing with the babies while they do. During the song, Jet's hat falls off, and is taken by the monkeys. Soon after, Radar starts to theme cry, as he is hungry, and an annoyed Halley goes to open some food for Radar, which happens to be banana paste. After opening it, the smell of the bananas veers the monkeys toward it. Radar splatters the food all over himself, and Halley throws away the empty jar, but in doing so, causes the monkeys to charge towards it. One of them snatches the diaper bag and runs off, so Halley chases after them, while other monkeys start to lick the paste off Radar. Jet notices this, and rushes to help Radar, but the monkeys try to take him away. Jet does his best to hold onto Radar, asking Comef and Venus for their help, but they do not care, and watch as Jet continues to hold Radar. Radar slips out, and flies into Comet and Venus' arms; while they hold onto Radar as he is being pulled up by a monkey, they purposely let go, launching him up with the monkey. Meanwhile, Jet is trying to get his hat back from another monkey, who then drops it and runs off. Jet searches the ground for it, but accidentally steps on it,Ruining the top. The monkeys leave, taking Radar with them. Both Comet and Venus are happy about this, while Jet is horrified.

Bruce continues to drag Sputnik through the forest, but breaks one of her roller skates in the process. As Sputnik is taking it off, a wolf named Scar Snout sneaks up behind her. Sputnik thinks it's Bruce who stinks, but he quickly runs off with Sputnik behind once again, just as Scar Snout bites down, narrowly avoiding her. Scar Snout is reluctant to give up, and growls while Bruce drags Sputnik off into the distance. Back at the Vivian residence, Matthew is on the roof ready to launch Dactar, which he is tying from a rope to his car for easy takeoff. He assures that it will fly as he is facing the wind. Ben asks Luke if Matthew is ready, to which Luke replies that he is not, Ben, however, mishears this and thinks Luke told him to go, which he does. As Ben drives off, the rope gets caught around Matthew's leg, and pulls him off the roof, Dactar starts to fall, but gets enough wind speed to stay in the air, albeit very unstably. Back in the forest, Jet, Comet and Venus disguise a smaller monkey as Radar to trick Halley into thinking Radar has turned into one. While the others are ardent to depart, Halley insists on finishing feeding Radar, he removes the blanket, and is surprised to see that Radar has turned into a monkey. A thunderstorm approaches, and Jet suggests that they get going, but Halley doesn't want to, as she can't go home with Radar being a gorilla. Jet tells Halley that they must get to the wizard's house, which gives Halley an idea: to wish Radar was back to normal. However, as they will only get one wish, an argument is sparked up as they won't be able to get home if Radar gets the wish. Shortly into the argument Venus accidentally spills out the truth, admitting that the gorilla is not actually Radar. Jet explains what happens, and Comet and Venus exclaim that they don't want to help Halley find her brother. Halley turns to her best friend Jet, asking for his help, but also gets a no from him. Jet explains that if Halley were her best friend, she would help him more, and lists recent events where Halley didn't help or care for him. Venus tells Halley that he only has her brother now, as she no longer has a best friend. An upset Halley decides to look for Radar herself. As she walks off into the distance with the diaper bag, the storm hits, and it starts to rain.

Eventually Halley finds Radar and they find shelter underneath a tree. Halley tries to look after Radar, but finally reaches his breaking point when Radar selfishly drinks all of their milk and refuses to share the big blanket with Halley in the cold weather. Halley snaps at Radar and very nearly abandons him for the gorilla's to take him away, but a storm combined with Halley furious face finally frightens Radar enough for him to see sense, and he turns over a new leaf, willingly sharing the torn blanket with Halley. The next morning after the thunderstorm is over, Comet, Venus and Jet catch up with Halley and Radar and save them from the gorilla's, and are eventually reunited with Sputnik and Bruce. Halley leads them to the bridge where they will supposedly be able to contact the legendary Lizard Man and wish to be sent back home, but once they reach the bridge, so did the gorilla's. To make things worse, both groups get attacked by a stray wolf who has been stalking them throughout the film. The children start to panic while the monkeys run away in fear of the wolf, but Bruce bravely engages in a fight with the wolf, ending with the two dogs falling off the bridge to their apparent deaths. Just then, Matthew, searching for the babies on his "Dactar" glider, spots the babies on the bridge and accidentally crashes into the rangers' hut. Halley believes his father in the wrecked glider to be the Lizard Man, and nobly wishes for Bruce to be brought back to life. Matthew falls through the bridge, where he finds Bruce alive and well. The other parents suddenly arrive and are reunited with their children just as the Banana Brothers find their gorilla's and take them back. Halley is Cadenza cry again, Jet is Aerostar cry, Comet is birthday cry, Venus is sassy cry & Sputnik is mission cry about go home with Bruce. Radar fingally shares his bottle of milk with Halley (now happy to have Radar as her brother, thanks to Matthew's advice).

Back home, the babies go on another Okey Dokey Jones adventure but this time with Radar, having fully accepted him into the group. Now with an extra member, the babies are able to reach the bowl as Jet's voice over tells the audience that things never did go back to the way they were with Radar around, things were even better.

Scenes Edit

  • In he Opening, The Babies can't reach the bowl, and saw the Boulder and the Boulder chased The Babies.
  • In the end, Radar reached the bowl

Transcript Edit

The transcript for this movie can be found here.

Reception Edit

The Astroblast Movie was released on November 20th, 2011, and opened at #1 at the box office with a gross of $27,321,470 in 2,782 theaters averaging to about $9,821 per theater, ahead of Enemy of the State, and became the first animated movie to gross $100 million in the United States and Canada.

The film was followed by Astroblast in Paris: The Movie and Astroblast Go Wild. It grossed in worldwide results, $140,894,675, making it a box office success, considering its modest $24 million budget. Even though the movie a commercial success, the film earned mainly mixed reviews. It currently has a rating of 59% on the Rotten Tomatoes website. It also remained the highest grossing animated film based on a TV show until 2007 when it was out-grossed by The Simpsons Movie with a worldwide total of $527.9 Million, although the film remained the highest-grossing Sprout film until the release of The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water in 2015. The film was released on VHS, Laserdisc, and DVD on March 30, 1998. It is also available on the iTunes store in high-definition.

Trivia Edit

  • Numerous changes were made before the film was released, many of which can be seen in the trailer. These include:
    • When Halley and Radar are introduced, Radar grabs Halley's nose. In the trailer, there's some kind of "plop" sound effect when Radar grabs Halley's nose, and Halley cries instantly. In the film, there's no sound effect, and Halley doesn't cry until a couple of seconds after Radar grabs Halley's nose.
    • In a scene where Grandpa and Matthew realize that the kids are gone, after Grandpa said "They were here a minute ago," Matthew screams immediately in the trailer, but he never screamed in the film.
    • In one scene, a "Big Action News" reporter (not Rex Pester) says, "Do you know where your children are?" It was heard in the trailer when Matthew and Olivia are surrounded by people after they found out their kids were missing.
    • In the trailer, Halley and Radar begin fighting over the teddy in a game of tug-of-war, but in this particular scene, Comet and Venus are sitting on the couch as the fight starts. Halley and Radar's eyes are closed because of the strain. The teddy bear doesn't rip. In the background, we see a playpen that looks a lot like the one we see in Moose Country. That playpen was never seen in The Astroblast Movie.
    • In the part where people are asking Matthew and Olivia questions, the people and arrangements they are in differ from both the trailer and movie.
    • In the trailer, when Sputnik and Bruce fall towards the forest, Sputnik pulls Bruce with her and we see Sputnik (back-side view, not front view) with the leash and falling backwards. Bruce is pulled literally forward. In the movie, however, this is not seen.
    • In the trailer, when Halley uses her jump rope to pull Jet through the Sputnik-like stone mouth, she whips to her left and had her eyes open and her mouth closed, but in the movie, however, she closes her eyes for a second or two and does open her mouth as she whips.
    • When Halley says, "No! You can't do that!" to Comet and Venus, the scene is slightly different in the movie trailer. In the trailer, the background is darker, Halley's motions are a little different, and she's further away than in the movie.
    • When Halley and Radar start the tug-of-war, Halley starts it, but the way they react is much different: Halley bares her gums, reaches with 1 hand, and grabs the leg. They begin pulling. The way their faces are differ in the movie.
    • The scene during Radar being pushed out by Olivia is different. The trailer included a leaves-and-forest-like scene background at the start of the trailer, but this wasn't used in the film.
    • In one scene in the trailer, we see a cameraman running with a camera into a yellow van. This scene wasn't used in the movie.
    • In one scene, Halley is smiling and lifting her right hand up and saying "We're just having an adventure, that's all." In the background we see Jet & Venus, however, this is never seen in the film.
    • In the trailer as Comet says "I've seen feetprints like that in our story book. A woof made 'em! And then he ate that little red riding girl." Also, the camera quickly zooms in on the wolf's footprint, unlike in the film itself.
  • Two songs were cut from the film during production. The first sequence revolved around Matthew and Olivia in a nightmare sequence where Dr. Lipschitz berates their parenting through song. The other sequence occurs as the babies are pushing the dinosaur Wagon through the woods, debating what to do about Radar in army chant style. These two scenes were cut from the theatrical version and the VHS and DVD releases. However, they were already animated at the time, and the scenes are shown on CBS and Sprout TV airings of the film as the uncut version is only available on TV. These scenes were present in the print novelization.
  • In the trailer when Comet says "And then he ate that little red riding girl" we see Sputnik and Bruce being chased by Scrappy Wolf, however, this was never seen in the film.
  • In the scene where the babies were running out of the mountain cave being chased by a giant rock and the floor opens itself in front of them, when Jet yells "Halley", the audio is taken from "Piggy's Pizza Palace".
  • In the scene where Jet, Comet and Venus first saw the Dinosaur Wagon, when Venus says "Wow" with Comet, the audio is taken from "Send in the Clouds".
  • Shirley-Lock Holmes is a parody of Sherlock Holmes.
  • Okey Dokey Jones is a parody of Indiana Jones.
  • In the ending credits, "Take the Train" is the only song not to show any screenshots of Sputnik as the song plays.
  • Unlike the TV series, Sputnik's Cynthia doll has darker skin and her dress is turquoise and blue as opposed to orange and red and her shoes are pink instead of red. However, the group artwork on the poster and home media covers uses Cynthia's color scheme from the TV series.
  • The Dinosaur doll which Comet and Venus fight over with has white eyes instead of orange for unknown reasons.
  • The Dinosaur Wagon's gear stick's knob is purple in the movie and on the left-hand side of the steering wheel, but red in the cast artwork for the poster and home media covers and on the other side of the steering wheel.
  • Halley and Radar are the only two kids whose clothes do not rip holes during their adventure in the woods before all their parents finally rescue them.
  • This is the first movie to use the 2011 Sprout logo.
  • The engine on the train is an 0-6-0 or an American type steam locomotive. These types of engines of this most common wheel arrangement were used most common on American railroads during the 1800s and 1830s until 1928.
  • During the scene with Rex Pester, a reporter asks Matthew and Olivia "Is it true that a Dingo ate your baby?". which is a reference to the Azaria Chamberlain case.
  • In a demo tape of "Comet and Venue Double Trouble", the movie was originally supposed to be released in 1997, but this ended up getting pushed back to Thanksgiving 1998.
  • Hattie Winston takes over as the voice of Dr. Lisa Jones beginning with this movie, she wouldn't provide the character's voice again until the episode Junior Prom.

Goofs Edit

  • It's not possible that real baby girls can pee in the air. At the end of the song "This World is Something New to Me", the newborn baby girls pee in the air to make a fountain along with the newborn baby boys.
  • On the bridge when the babies see Bruce attacking the wolf, Cynthia is seen in Sputnik's hand. However, when Halley asks the lizard they want Bruce back the camera zooms on the babies, Cynthia is not in Sputnik's hands.
  • When Matthew & Grandpa go to the airport control tower and check to see if the kids are on the plane where the crate is, but find out the goat is there instead. This makes no sense; There's no possible way the goat would've made it on to the plane, as x-ray scanners at Airport Security would've detected it.
  • How did Sputnik know about the lizard?
  • The amount of cars on the circus train constantly change.
  • When Comet said man overboard, he sounded like Venus.
  • When Halley drops her watch she looks down but the sponsatility was still on her neck when she dropped it.
  • Although the overall group of monkeys consists of 20-23, only 10 total continue to be seen after they kidnap Radar. When they herd past Sputnik while chasing Jet, only 8 of these 10 are shown, with multiple identical-looking monkeys chasing along. When the monkeys are reunited with their trainers, 2 of them (the lead monkey and the blue male monkey) are absent after running away at the sight of Scrappy Wolf.
  • After Sputnik unsuccessfully attempts to retrieve her Cynthia doll from Radar after she accidentally gave it to him, she pulls off both of the shoes, and then later finds one of the shoes on the doormat. However, later in the movie when she finally discovers Cynthia and attempts once again to retrieve it until the monkey picks it up and she starts dragging on the monkey's tail, one of the shoes is still on Cynthia, and in subsequent scenes the shoe switches from left foot to right foot and vice-versa in between shots.
  • When one of the monkeys tries to make off with Cynthia, this is the gray-browed monkey. In the next scene, it is the reddish orange lead monkey who is stealing Cynthia.
  • When Halley, Jet, Comet, and Venus crash into the back door and then collapse backward, the door and area around from the outside are bare. Yet in the next few seconds, after Olivia picks up Halley with Caroline assisting due to Olivia being pregnant and then head outside, the ribbons appear on the door and its surroundings as the baby shower is being held.
  • After Halley falls into the mud and gets coated with mud, she then smears some mud on Radar when she decided to admit Comet and Venus were correct earlier on about Radar's personality. While Halley remains coated with mud, Radar appears clean again for the remainder of the time Halley is muddy; and then later after all the parents finally retrieve their kids, the muddy stains reappear on Radar in the shot where he and Halley take turns drinking milk while being held by Olivia.
  • When Comet launches a life preserver to Jet, the lever is seen in the backseat of the Dinosaur Wagon. This is clearly an error as the control panel is supposed to be in the cockpit of the vehicle.
  • In the ending credits, the shot of Grandpa Ben searching for the missing kids in Matthew and Olivia Vivian's house is mirrored for unknown reasons.
  • When Sputnik turns up the volume to full-volume on the TV for the Banana Brothers Monkey Circus commercial, the speakers don't blare at all. This is ironic, as a loud to full-volume can actually cause the speakers to blare out wildly and wear down from their former state, and cause people in the surroundings to develop hearing loss.
  • Straight before Halley and her three pals enter the nursery, Halley pulls the Chocolate Coin (which she saved from Olivia's baby shower) out of her bottom with her right hand. Yet, in the next shot in close-up and then zooming out, it is in her left hand instead.
    • Also, in that scene, the Chocolate Coin is shown to reflect lighting like any real coin would, but anything as edible as what Halley was saving would not in any way be able to reflect lighting. Later, when he gives it to Dr. Lisa Jones, it makes a sound a real coin would make when it lands, but anything edible like that would actually have a muffled sound effect.
  • When the door to the TV room is first shown when Sputnik can't stand Radar's constant crying after being brought home from the hospital, the frame is perfectly fit with the shape of the door. However, when it is shown again in a later scene after Sputnik kicks the Dinosaur wagon with the babies and sending them out of the house, the TV room's door frame has a semi-circle gap above where the door's height extends.
  • When the babies ride the Dinosaur wagon for the first time, Halley switches between the front and back seats and vice-versa in between shots during their ride before end up in a mattress truck.
  • When Sputnik and Bruce enter the forest, the mattress truck is seen being towed. However, in the previous scene of Radar's diaper change, the truck was still there.
  • When Halley and her friends are about to head up the hill after loading Radar in the Dinosaur wagon, Radar was still wearing only his diaper. Later, when they are walking up the hill with the Dinosaur wagon handy, Radsr has his sleeper on. However, in the similar but deleted scene, Radar was still wearing only his diaper as how it would have happened before they had any time to don Radar's sleeper.
  • In the scene where Matthew is building the Dinosaur wagon, when a blaze of fire erupts from the structure of the vehicle, when Matt dodges from the blaze, none of the fire hits his clothes. However, in the next shot when Matthew is extiguishing the fire, a quarter of Matt's suit is burned off.
    • Also, in the same incident, after two shots of fire land on Grandpa Ben's shirt, when he puts out the flames with his bare hands, the areas of his shirt which the fires landed on do not burn or rip holes.
  • After Matthew, Robert, and Grandpa Ben lift down Dactar from the ceiling, when it lands hard on the floor after the ceiling collapses, it is badly mangled. However, in a later scene where Matthew has the Dactar ready to go and is on the roof of his and Olivia's house before Grandpa Ben drives off, it is fixed up within a few hours after the incident. This is considered a plot hole, as it would actually have to take several days to repair those types of aircraft before they're ready to use once they're damaged.
  • At the beginning of the movie, when the babies are running from Olivia, Venus' socks are blue instead of pink.
  • One of the newborn babies during "This World is Something New to Me" has an earring.
  • When Sputnik says to Bruce that she hopes that he turns into a frog she drops the leash in front of Bruce, but in the next scene when she says "I'll find Cynthia myself" the leash is gone.
  • When the babies run into Boris's goat and the goat bleats, Boris responds "He's saying 'hello'!" The goat, however, is female, as she sports a prominent udder, and Boris and Claire brought her as a baby shower gift in order to supply goat's milk.
  • When Olivia's labor begins, the colors on Frogerina's dress change.