Slumber Party is the second segment of the third episode of season 1, and the third Astroblast segment overall.

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Sputnik sleeps over at Halley's , but her desire for an open window leaves Halley feeling ill. This results in some very bizzare dreams.

- Description from Sprout.


Halley is in her room, standing in her crib and fiddling with her baby mobile (on which hangs 5 small objects: A naked Cupid that’s aiming a bow and heart shaped arrow, a Crescent Moon, a Star, a Storm Cloud, and an Old Fashioned Biplane Airplane) when the home’s trademark door buzzer sounds; Olivia walks by the bedroom door and says to her daughter: “That must be Matt and Sputnik here for your slumber party.” A curious Halley slowly repeats to herself in a cute way: “Slum-ber-par-ty”. We then focus on Sputnik at the front door, who looks quite grouchy and disinterested in having a slumber party with her younger cousin; she complains to her father: “I still don’t see why I have to sleep in the dumb old baby’s room!” Her father replies: “Cupcake, it’s gonna be your first slumber party.” Matt and Olivia answer the door and Matthew greets his brother and asks Sputnik how she’s doing; Sputnik continues to be a grouch and doesn’t immediately reply, but Matt eggs her on (“Muffin?”) and Sputnik sarcastically replies: “Thank you so much for inviting me and daddy to spend the weekend with you.” Olivia fondly replies “Of course sweetums” and she lovingly pinches Sputnik’s right cheek (Sputnik, however, finds this to be annoying). Matthew adds in “I’m just gonna say it Matt; she’s the most beautiful little girl I’ve ever seen”; Matt replies “No question about it little brother.”

Olivia then offers the two a seat in the living room while she gets Halley, and Matthew and Matt follow Olivia into the house, but Sputnik doesn’t immediately follow (still feeling quite grouchy and frustrated about having to spend the weekend at her Aunt and Uncle’s house) and her father whispers to her “Come on muffin”; Sputnik, in rage, kicks the front door’s frame and reluctantly follows her father inside (tightly clenching her fists and stomping along the way). Matthew, Olivia and Matt then have a sit on the couch and start to talk, and Sputnik and Halley (drinking from one of her baby bottles) sit on the floor nearby; as the adults talk, Sputnik tells Halley: “Listen here: I got better things to do than sleep in a ‘bottle sucking’ baby’s room; but since I gotta, I get first dibs on beds.” Halley however doesn’t immediately answer and only continues to drink from her bottle. The two then briefly listen in on the adults’ conversation before a slightly disgusted Sputnik tells her cousin: “Why don’t you grow up and quit sucking that dumb bottle? Only babies suck on bottles.” Olivia then interrupts everyone and says that it’s time for the kids’ nap; she asks her niece (who, feeling bugged, clenches her teeth; though faced the other way so that Olivia doesn’t see): “Sputnik ready for sleepy-bye?” Sputnik turns around and sarcastically puts on an innocent looking happy face and nods to tell Olivia yes. Halley continues to suck on her bottle, but then suddenly stops and says “Huh?”

We fade to a bit later on in Halley’s room as Olivia has put Halley in her crib and is tucking Sputnik into a guest bed that’s been set up for her; as Olivia tucks Sputnik in, she says to her tenderly: “There, you see? Here’s your very own bed.” Sputnik, still hiding her inner frustration, smiles and replies: “Thank you Aunt Olivia; it’s so nice and comfy.” Olivia then walks over to Halley's crib and asks Halley (who’s still drinking from her bottle): “And how are you sleepyhead? Ready for nappy-byes?” Halley stares back at her mother as she continues to drink from her bottle and then looks at her cousin, who’s making fun of him behind Olivia's back by imitating the way Halley drinks from her bottle. Olivia tucks her daughter in and then briefly fluffs her niece’s pillows before quietly walking out and closing the door; as soon as Olivia is gone, Sputnik promptly gets up, sheds her pretend happy expression and takes her frustration out on her pillow by punching it. Halley interrupts her and asks her: “What’s a slumber party?” Sputnik replies: “That’s a really dumb question that only a baby bottle-sucker would ask!” She then takes a quick whiff of Halley's room and rudely remarks “It smells like a baby’s room in here!”; she then gets up and opens the bedroom window to air the room out. A chilly draft begins to blow inside and a shivering Halley states that it feels too cold, and a non-compassionate Sputnik sarcastically replies as she gets back into bed: “Aww, mommy’s little baby to cold?” A curious Halley then asks: “Come on, tell me, what’s a slumber party?” Sputnik rudely replies “If you have to ask, you’ll never know” and then lies down to go to sleep. Halley then lies down to go to sleep herself and covers herself with her blanket; she ganders at her open window as the chilly draft continues to blow inside, and she then huddles up and tries to stay warm and go to sleep (all whilst continuing to shiver).