Radar is a cute Monkey, who wears a green spacesuit. He loves Doing Nothing. He has a huge crush on Halley. Whenever she takes him out on her surfboard, Radar's cheeks turn red. Radar also loves building things with cards. Radar HATES SPUTNIK.

Relationships Edit

Halley- Radar has a huge crush on Halley, And she likes him back. Throughout the episode, Find A Way to Tell Her Radar Radar wants to give Halley flowers he picked in the garden, but he's nervous to go in front of her, so he stays far away, but Comet helps him to get close and speak. At the end of the episode, Halley sees him and tells Radar that she's been looking for him everywhere, Radar says Yeah. Halley sees the flowers Radar is holding and hands them to her. Halley was so happy that flowers are wanted all along! Then Halley gives Radar a kiss and thanks him. At the end, Radar is shown with his cheeks red as the screen fades out.

Trivia Edit

  • Radar is the only characther on the Space Station to not like Sputnik.
  • Radar wants Halley to marry him.
  • Radar cries in 2 episodes: Hospital Fever, and I'm Sick!
  • Radar loves to build things
  • Radar can be bit of a sore loser.